DERBIO production focuses on products for medium and high power switching converters. The windings are made of Litz wire or copper strip according to design requirements, the available space, and to maintain the required insulation.
For high-current inductors, ribbed flat cable is used, a process that has always distinguished DERBIO since its foundation and which is carried out with the company’s own machines.
The cores most commonly used are ferrites, but cores of other sintered materials are also used, in grain oriented electrical steel and in amorphous material.
Special equipment, developed in-house over the years, allows Derbio to produce its components with a very high repeatability.
The high industrialisation of production and the numerous controls present in the production chain allow a high level of quality of the final product. (photo of the automatic process)

Some specific processes that ensure higher product quality are oven-baked painting, vacuum resin coating, TIG welding of the output terminals using a robotic welding station, and thermo-crimping for Litz wire. (photo with thermo-crimping machine)
The design of the inductive component is carried out autonomously or in collaboration with the customer, with whom the product can be optimised both electrically and mechanically. Derbio has a workshop equipped with the appropriate instrumentation to verify electrical and safety requirements. (photo of workshop with new wattmeter)
In addition, at the customer’s request, we can provide support in the delicate phase of the industrialisation of the products.